Walkers Crisps (1999)

Michael Owen and Gary Linekar for Walkers Crisps

Michael Owen was the face of the new improved Walkers Cheese and Onion, renamed ‘Cheese and Owen’ for the promotion. Owen appeared in 2 TV commercials which saw him star with other footballing legend, Gary Linekar who is the main face of Walkers Crisps. Owen appeared in cartoon form on the new ‘Cheese and Owen’ crisp packets.

Commercial 1 Synopsis

Gary now has a rival in form of England and Liverpool wonderboy, Michael Owen. In this commercial which was the first to air in 1999 Gary is shown trying to ‘eliminate’ his new rival by a series of stunts, which included the attempt to drop a piano on Michael.

Commercial 2 Synopsis

In this second commercial, Michael arrives at a school after being ‘invited’ to make a special appearance. Owen is met at the gates by a pupil who asks him to sign a piece of paper (which he thinks will be an autograph for the boy) it turns out it is all a set-up by Gary who has set up a special Rugby match which will include Michael. This commercial was promoting Walkers Crisps ‘Books for Schools’ campaign.